UNIQUE Appliances

About Unique

The Petersen family founded Unique Appliances with a vision 50+ years ago. “Our goal was to bring innovative, quality appliances to wherever you called home” says Steve Petersen, Unique’s CEO.

Initially the bias was off-grid. However, Unique modernized the off-grid kitchen with battery ignition propane ranges and solar DC appliances. All with modern design too. Unique is still the only off-grid manufacturer to offer matched pairs of propane fridges and ranges in all North America.

Unique’s many innovations include refrigerators that directly vent all combustible gases externally (and those that don’t feature a fail-safe carbon monoxide safety shut-off valve). Furthermore, “Unique also developed the first battery operated ignition system in ranges (no standing pilots). This saves fuel and is better for the environment.”

“The evolution of our line of DC solar powered appliances is a testament to how much we are invested in forwarding off-grid appliance technology” says Petersen. Beginning our journey with a few refrigerators, Unique has developed an extensive lineup of solar DC appliances. Highly efficient, eco-friendly and stylishly designed, our solar lineup has something for everyone.

More than OffGrid!

Besides being the leaders in the off-grid market, Unique has also advanced within the conventional appliance market with a broad line-up of convection gas ranges and Retro bottom-mount refrigerators. We now have a vast assortment of sizes, colours and styles to choose from, to complement any kitchen. Likewise, our compact convection gas ranges are not only sleek and modern on the outside but come with features that aren’t typically found in gas ranges of that size without breaking the bank. In addition to our line of modern convection gas ranges, Unique also brings to market in 2020 our new line of stylish Retro matched pairs of appliances (gas range and bottom-mount refrigerator). Beautifully designed with chrome trims, accents and decals, these appliances will transport you back to the 50’s with their nostalgic look.

We are proud of how Unique has evolved over the decades. Whether it be our ever-expanding line of conventional appliances or our specialty line of “off-grid” appliances, Unique continues to evolve.

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